First Trip to Yosemite

We made a list of the things we wanted to do one more time before we move.  The list may have been a bit ambitious, but we both agreed that the only thing we’d be devastated about if we didn’t get to do, was Yosemite. We first went in November 2013, just a few months […]

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Avonlea | Two Months

Fastest two months of my life.  This little girl just learns more & gets even cuter every single day.  At her doctor’s appointment today she weighed 11.1 pounds & was 21 inches long!  Can’t believe just how fast she’s growing.  She’s finally passed Grayson’s birth weight, but still catching up on length! Firsts: Avonlea smiled […]

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Friday Favorites | Vol. 9

teaching Avonlea new tricks | So far I’ve taught her to stick out her tongue, & am working on teaching her to kiss.  Grayson has gotten her to mimic noises, & she’ll repeat him saying “ohhh!” bath time | She LOVES her baths, so I do, too.  So fun! being home for good! | Today is […]

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Our Favorite Newborn Items

We got a lot of great gifts & made some really good purchases before Avonlea was born.  Some that I know we will love that we haven’t even used yet since they’ll be for when she’s a little older…but I wanted to share what our favorites are for this stage.  I’ve been keeping a running list […]

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Avonlea | One Month

Time is flying.  I know this is what everyone says, but I really just can’t believe Avonlea has already been with us for a whole month.  It feels like she’s been in our lives forever, & just a day, all at the same time. Firsts: First hike (more on that here)! First time meeting Grandbuddy! […]

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Friday Favorites | Vol. 8

our last pre-Avonlea date | The Friday before Avonlea was born, we went on a fancy date since we knew it would probably be the last thing like that that we would do for awhile.  We ate at one of our favorite places, Los Altos Grill.  Glad we made use of that time, since she […]

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Making a Little Adventurer

One of my dreams for Avonlea is that she would seek adventure.  That she would not be satisfied just within the walls of our house, but she would want to get outside & see new things & go to new places.  I want her to be brave.  To do things that she didn’t know she […]

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