Avonlea | Two Months

Fastest two months of my life.  This little girl just learns more & gets even cuter every single day.  At her doctor’s appointment today she weighed 11.1 pounds & was 21 inches long!  Can’t believe just how fast she’s growing.  She’s finally passed Grayson’s birth weight, but still catching up on length! Firsts: Avonlea smiled […]

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Our Favorite Newborn Items

We got a lot of great gifts & made some really good purchases before Avonlea was born.  Some that I know we will love that we haven’t even used yet since they’ll be for when she’s a little older…but I wanted to share what our favorites are for this stage.  I’ve been keeping a running list […]

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Yosemite in the Fall

Grayson’s dad & stepmom got to come see us a few weeks ago & we finally got to take them to Yosemite!  We’ve now taken all the parents, & some friends…any other takers?  I think we have earned honorary ranger badges by now. We were kind of upset the whole week before because it was […]

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