Early on, I promised myself that Avonlea would get to do things at her own pace.  I wanted her childhood to be intentionally slow.  I don’t really even know what made me think of this in the newborn days, but for some reason I did.  Now that we’re just weeks away from her first birthday, […]

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The God Who Sees

This past nearly-a-year of being this girl’s mama has been one of the greatest joys of my life. Her happy smiles when she wakes up, her tight hugs, & slobbery kisses, even all of her babbles of “Dada” & her refusal to say “Mama”…they are the little joys of this season that make every day […]

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Making a Little Adventurer

One of my dreams for Avonlea is that she would seek adventure.  That she would not be satisfied just within the walls of our house, but she would want to get outside & see new things & go to new places.  I want her to be brave.  To do things that she didn’t know she […]

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Avonlea | Three Weeks

I’ve never known days as bittersweet as these.  I can’t believe this little human has been in our arms for three whole weeks already.  Every single day she grows & looks more & more different from that tiny girl we first held.  I just want to make her stop & stay tiny forever.  But then […]

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Avonlea | Two Weeks

It already makes me a little sad looking back & seeing how much Avonlea has grown in just two weeks!  But I’m also so proud of her…she’s already doing so many things that she couldn’t do at first, & her little personality is starting to show, little by little. Firsts: First walk at the park. […]

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Have you ever felt like you’re in a season of waiting?  Not that general feeling of hoping for things to come, but the kind of waiting for something you so desire that it’s practically all you can think about? The first time I remember feeling that was towards the end of college.  I started applying for jobs, […]

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Mother’s Day?

We celebrate with joy this Mother’s Day, just seven(ish) weeks away from holding our baby girl. But with that celebration, I also look back on last Mother’s Day.  Not so much joy.  We were about 8 weeks past letting go of our dreams for our first baby, & learning that we would not meet that […]

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