Friday Favorites | Vol. 12

Seeds Family Worship | Kids Worship…but not kiddy.  Straight Scripture.  We’ve been listening to this a lot during the day & I love it! Plum Paper planners | Grayson got me this for Christmas (after I may have designed my planner, added to cart, sent him the login & password, & a Black Friday coupon code…) & […]

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Friday Favorites | Vol. 11

I haven’t done one of these in a long time &…it’s still Friday for another hour & a half, so why not? morning routine | This week I’ve hit on a new routine that’s working really well for us.  (Fingers crossed…because as soon as something works for a baby, the next week they think it’s […]

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Friday Favorites | Vol. 10

ready to go! | I had kind of dreaded trying to pack with Avonlea around, but she’s been great.  Just this week she’s turned into a great napper.  She had been in the habit for a few weeks of a few 30-45 minute naps, but didn’t sleep for very long at a time.  This week she’s […]

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Friday Favorites | Vol. 9

teaching Avonlea new tricks | So far I’ve taught her to stick out her tongue, & am working on teaching her to kiss.  Grayson has gotten her to mimic noises, & she’ll repeat him saying “ohhh!” bath time | She LOVES her baths, so I do, too.  So fun! being home for good! | Today is […]

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Friday Favorites | Vol. 8

our last pre-Avonlea date | The Friday before Avonlea was born, we went on a fancy date since we knew it would probably be the last thing like that that we would do for awhile.  We ate at one of our favorite places, Los Altos Grill.  Glad we made use of that time, since she […]

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Friday Favorites | Vol. 7

moving! | Or rather, having the move over & done with.  We have amazing friends who helped us out SO much this past Saturday.  With their help, Grayson had the moving truck loaded in about an hour & a half, & then a few hours later everything was in our new apartment.  I’ll post some pictures […]

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Friday Favorites | Vol. 6

strawberry rhubarb pie | We had this pie at our friends’ house last week, & then happened across it at the farmers market on Sunday while we were waiting for lunch, & had to have it.  Strawberry rhubarb is my favorite! maternity leave | Today is my last day of work & now we can […]

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