Friday Favorites | Vol. 8

our last pre-Avonlea date | The Friday before Avonlea was born, we went on a fancy date since we knew it would probably be the last thing like that that we would do for awhile.  We ate at one of our favorite places, Los Altos Grill.  Glad we made use of that time, since she […]

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Friday Favorites | Vol. 7

moving! | Or rather, having the move over & done with.  We have amazing friends who helped us out SO much this past Saturday.  With their help, Grayson had the moving truck loaded in about an hour & a half, & then a few hours later everything was in our new apartment.  I’ll post some pictures […]

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Friday Favorites | Vol. 6

strawberry rhubarb pie | We had this pie at our friends’ house last week, & then happened across it at the farmers market on Sunday while we were waiting for lunch, & had to have it.  Strawberry rhubarb is my favorite! maternity leave | Today is my last day of work & now we can […]

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Friday Favorites | Vol. 5

virtual shower |  Our shower was this past weekend & was so perfect!  We have the greatest family & friends, that they not only bought some great gifts for our girl, but also shipped them all to us!  Can’t wait to move next weekend & really be able to start setting everything up so it’s […]

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Friday Favorites | Vol. 4

countdowns | So many good things coming up!  We have our virtual shower with family & friends from home tomorrow (& it feels a little like the night before Christmas!), I have 10 work days left before maternity leave, 15 days until we move into our new apartment, & just 30 days until our due date!  Keeping […]

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Friday Favorites | Vol. 3

provision | We found out last week that we aren’t going to be able to stay in our current house as long as we had hoped.  Just the way to make panic set in.  After about an hour of “we’re going to be homeless with a newborn” thoughts, the peace settled in & it wasn’t the […]

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Friday Favorites | Vol. 2

cookie butter & banana sandwiches | Cookie butter is kind of our downfall.  A jar never lasts more than a week in our house.  So we haven’t had it in probably a year, but I bought some recently & discovered CB&B is infinitely better than PB&J. babymoon | We had the best weekend.  More on that […]

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