Avonlea Gray Carr

about her arrival | Our Avonlea girl is finally here with us!  She was born on June 29, 2017 at 11:55 p.m.  Nessie predicted weeks ago that she would be born on June 29.  When we got to the hospital, I let the doctors & nurses know they needed to get the show on the road because […]

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Girls’ Visit!

These two got to come for a visit during Mama’s spring break! We had a busy weekend seeing a bit of the city, & then driving down the coast. I was able to take off work on Monday so we could have a shopping day!  We got manicures & went shopping for an Easter Dress […]

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Thanksgiving + A Baby!

How am I always, always playing catch up?  Maybe I’ll get better when I have more important things to post about more frequently.  Say, in July when we’ll need to share all the cute baby pictures! We were already excited about my parents coming out for Thanksgiving, & especially excited when we realized we would […]

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The Last Frontier

We’ve been planning a trip to Alaska for several years now.  By planning, I mostly mean watching everything Alaska-themed that Hulu & Netflix have to offer, namely, Alaska: The Last Frontier. In June, we flew to Seattle, met my parents there, & boarded the Crown Princess the next morning! Alaska was everything we wanted it […]

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As an early 30th birthday trip for Grayson, Lisa & Glenn planned a trip to Oregon in May.  We flew up to Portland to meet them, & then drove 1000 miles all over Oregon, exploring for the week. The first couple days we stayed in Portland.  Our first stop was the Portland Farmers Market & […]

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Carter Christmas in Cali

3 months later & I’m just reminiscing on our Christmas… We’re always excited for anyone in our family to come see us, but especially a) at Christmas! & b) people who have never been before.  We’ve been trying to get Ben & Rachel out here ever since we moved & finally were able to! 6 […]

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Mono Lake

We’d seen Mono Lake from afar before, because it’s right outside the East entrance to Yosemite.  This time we drove over to it & it’s one of the coolest places we’ve seen. The lake is over 760,000 years old & because it doesn’t have an outlet, high levels of salt accumulate & form these salt […]

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