Girls’ Visit!

These two got to come for a visit during Mama’s spring break! We had a busy weekend seeing a bit of the city, & then driving down the coast. I was able to take off work on Monday so we could have a shopping day!  We got manicures & went shopping for an Easter Dress […]

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Hollenbeck Visit!

We’ve been so lucky to have some of our family come out & visit several times while we’ve lived in California, & even a few friends.  And now to add to that list…Caitlin & Cosbie got to come visit for a few days! Thanks to the Dark Days, I didn’t have any more time to […]

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“Hiking Season”

Grayson has officially declared it “fall hiking season” multiple times, & then the weather would get really hot again.  But now we think the cooler temperatures might finally be around to stay. There are so many great trails within about 15 minutes of our house, & even more within about an hour, so we try to […]

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Carter Christmas in Cali

3 months later & I’m just reminiscing on our Christmas… We’re always excited for anyone in our family to come see us, but especially a) at Christmas! & b) people who have never been before.  We’ve been trying to get Ben & Rachel out here ever since we moved & finally were able to! 6 […]

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Best of San Fran

For the Saturday of Grayson’s birthday weekend, I’d already planned to go to San Francisco & go to a coffee place that he’d been wanting to try.  That morning while I was still in bed, I made the mistake of googling “best donuts in San Francisco.”  (Here’s the best list, by the way.)  So the […]

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Ramseys Take California

This week we’ve gotten to have the Ramsey girls visit us!  I think we wear people out when they come to see us, because we want them to see everything, but they’ve coped very well with the busy itinerary. Thursday night we were having a bonfire on the beach with our life group, so it was […]

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Carrs in Cali

We always love having visitors!  This week Grayson’s dad had a conference in Phoenix, so after that was over they flew in to see us for a few days!  We love getting to take our people to some of our favorite places. Wednesday after I got off work we went to our favorite sushi place […]

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