We tossed around a few ideas for one more weekend away before the baby, but eventually decided to stay closer to home & just do things we’ve never done before.  I really just cared about staying in a nice hotel anyway, so I would’ve gone anywhere! We booked a hotel right on Cannery Row in […]

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Girls’ Visit!

These two got to come for a visit during Mama’s spring break! We had a busy weekend seeing a bit of the city, & then driving down the coast. I was able to take off work on Monday so we could have a shopping day!  We got manicures & went shopping for an Easter Dress […]

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Carter Christmas in Cali

3 months later & I’m just reminiscing on our Christmas… We’re always excited for anyone in our family to come see us, but especially a) at Christmas! & b) people who have never been before.  We’ve been trying to get Ben & Rachel out here ever since we moved & finally were able to! 6 […]

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Hwy 1 + Yosemite

We saved the best for last in our week with the Ramsey girls!  Saturday we drove down the Pacific Coast Highway, & then Sunday-Monday took a little trip to Yosemite.  There was a lot of “Y’ALL!  I AM JUST TORE UP” & maybe even some tears over the big trees.  Have I mentioned that it’s really […]

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