Avonlea’s 1st Birthday Party

Avonlea’s 1st birthday party was just what I wanted.  While I’d love to have allll of our people, we both have big families & everyone is rather spread out, so we’ll have to continue the celebration as long as need be with extended family.  But we had just our parents, grandparents, & a few friends, […]

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Early on, I promised myself that Avonlea would get to do things at her own pace.  I wanted her childhood to be intentionally slow.  I don’t really even know what made me think of this in the newborn days, but for some reason I did.  Now that we’re just weeks away from her first birthday, […]

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The God Who Sees

This past nearly-a-year of being this girl’s mama has been one of the greatest joys of my life. Her happy smiles when she wakes up, her tight hugs, & slobbery kisses, even all of her babbles of “Dada” & her refusal to say “Mama”…they are the little joys of this season that make every day […]

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Avonlea | Ten Months

Ten months.  Double digits.  How can she be so old?! My blue-eyed girl is speedily crawling (read: swimming on the floor) everywhere & pulling up.  She’s finally getting more teeth!  One top tooth is through & another close behind. Her biggest accomplishment this month was lasting a whole service in the nursery at church!  This […]

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Avonlea | Eight Months

Our smiley little girl is eight months old!  She makes Donald Duck noises & says “dada” all day long.  She doesn’t quite know what she means by it yet, but as much as Grayson says it to her & she repeats it, she will very soon!  She’s not crawling & seems to see no need…she […]

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Avonlea | Seven Months

Avonlea is SEVEN months old today!  I Every month I feel like she’s getting further & further away from a tiny baby…she has so much personality that’s all her own.  She has likes & dislikes & habits & all of these things that kids & grown ups have & it’s so exciting & sad all […]

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Avonlea’s First Christmas

Our first Christmas “back home” was just what we wanted.  We got to go to Grayson’s parents’ & mine.  We were gone for about 10 days, making the rounds.  A long time for Avonlea to be out of her routine & away from home, but she did great & bounced right back into a good […]

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