Avonlea | Eight Months

Our smiley little girl is eight months old!  She makes Donald Duck noises & says “dada” all day long.  She doesn’t quite know what she means by it yet, but as much as Grayson says it to her & she repeats it, she will very soon!  She’s not crawling & seems to see no need…she […]

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Avonlea | Seven Months

Avonlea is SEVEN months old today!  I Every month I feel like she’s getting further & further away from a tiny baby…she has so much personality that’s all her own.  She has likes & dislikes & habits & all of these things that kids & grown ups have & it’s so exciting & sad all […]

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Avonlea | Six Months

Firsts: First trip to the library.  It’s my life’s goal to make her a book lover, & I think I’m on the right track!  She got at least 15 new books for Christmas & is loving it! Her first two teeth!  She’s been teething for several months, but right after she turned five months, her […]

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Avonlea | Five Months

It seems completely ridiculous that she can be five months old already, because that means her half birthday is just around the corner.  It seems like she’s been with us forever, but just a few days at the same time. Today I even took some pictures in her coming home outfit.  She was so tiny as […]

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Avonlea | Four Months

This has been one whirlwind of a month.  The first part was spent packing, then moving, & now unpacking & getting settled in.  She’s doing so much more on her own this past month.  She’s really good at grasping & picking up her own toys & doing with them what she wants…which always means putting […]

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Avonlea | Three Months

This month feels like it’s been a big one…Avonlea feels like a baby & not a newborn.  She’s so much more alert & aware of everything going on around her (which is really fun until things scare her…like Daddy’s sneezes!).  She just seems to have more & more personality, & is pretty laid-back most of the […]

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Avonlea | Two Months

Fastest two months of my life.  This little girl just learns more & gets even cuter every single day.  At her doctor’s appointment today she weighed 11.1 pounds & was 21 inches long!  Can’t believe just how fast she’s growing.  She’s finally passed Grayson’s birth weight, but still catching up on length! Firsts: Avonlea smiled […]

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