Friday Favorites | Vol. 8

our last pre-Avonlea date | The Friday before Avonlea was born, we went on a fancy date since we knew it would probably be the last thing like that that we would do for awhile.  We ate at one of our favorite places, Los Altos Grill.  Glad we made use of that time, since she showed up just 6 days later!

Processed with Rookie Cam

mom friends | I’ve loved getting texts or messages on social media, sometimes from friends I haven’t even talked to in awhile, just asking how we’re doing & telling me over & over that the newborn phase is just hard, & it gets better, & she will sleep eventually.  Means more than these friends could know.

launch teams | I’ve lucked out lately with getting some good reading material for being on launch teams for some new books that are coming out.  Currently reading (& loving!) Church of the Small Things by Melanie Shankle.  I’ve also read her other 3 books & loved them all.  I usually have lots of parts I have to read out loud to Grayson because they’re just so funny.  Up next: She is Yours by Jonathan & Wynter Pitts, Dance Stand Run by Jessi Connolly, & All In All by Sophie Hudson.  Also reading The Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller for a Bible study we’re doing at church.  I clearly spend a lot of time holding a baby in the middle of the night & trying to stay awake…& am trying to make the most of maternity leave by swimming in books!


eating whatever I want! | Almost every meal since Avonlea was born has contained something that I couldn’t eat when I was pregnant.  Lots of coffee, a BBQ bacon burger from Habit, sushi, my favorite Grilled Brie from Boudin…I’m making up for lost time!

sollybaby walks | I have a post planned on some of our favorite baby items, but this is one for sure.  Afternoon/early evening is Avonlea’s least favorite part of the day, so we just put on the solly wrap & go for a little walk to get the mail, & walk around the apartment.  She immediately calms down & is so happy in that!





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