Avonlea | Three Weeks

I’ve never known days as bittersweet as these.  I can’t believe this little human has been in our arms for three whole weeks already.  Every single day she grows & looks more & more different from that tiny girl we first held.  I just want to make her stop & stay tiny forever.  But then on the other hand, I’m so proud of every new thing she learns, that I just want to cheer her on!


  • Taking naps in her crib in our bedroom.  After the first night home, she’s been sleeping in the bassinet that goes with her stroller because it’s smaller doesn’t seem SO big to her, but we’re trying to transition her to at least napping in her pack & play, & she’s done pretty well with it most of the time.
  • Putting herself to sleep!  A few times when I’ve put her down when she was drowsy, she’s been able to put herself to sleep without me going back in there.
  • First bath without screaming!  This morning started out with spit up & diaper mishaps, so I had to give her a bath as soon as Grayson left for work.  I’ve bathed her by myself once before but it was not a pleasant experience.  She did so great this time, though!

Things I want to remember:

  • The way she’s really started to grab on.  She’ll hold my finger so tight, thinking that means I can’t take her bottle out of her mouth when she starts chugging it too fast.  When I’m holding her & she’s falling asleep, she’ll grab onto my shirt (or hair…whatever she can get her hands on).
  • This is the first week that I’ve felt like we’re getting into a new rhythm.  Not every day…but some days.  I’ve actually had coffee, taken a shower, eaten lunch, & done laundry most days…can’t say that all of those things were true before.
  • Most afternoons around 3 or 4 is when she starts to get fussy.  I put her in the Sollybaby wrap & we go to check the mail & go on a little walk, & she immediately calms down & falls asleep.  She loves being so snug!
  • Pretty sure she’s “got the hot nature” like Daddy (thank you, Ada Klair Carter for coining that term).  Currently asleep in her crib in our bedroom, where I think it’s kind of cold.  She’s on top of the blanket that I had covering her legs, & has kicked off both socks.  She always wants to be sprawled out & in as little clothing as possible!
  • Her smiles just get bigger & bigger, even if they aren’t in response to anything real just yet.  She smiles in her sleep, & sometimes laughs, & it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

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