Avonlea | Two Weeks

It already makes me a little sad looking back & seeing how much Avonlea has grown in just two weeks!  But I’m also so proud of her…she’s already doing so many things that she couldn’t do at first, & her little personality is starting to show, little by little.



  • First walk at the park.  Grayson took me to Shoreline Park in Mountain View the first time I came to California, in the days when we were deciding about moving here.  Walking around the lake that day, I thought about pushing a stroller there.  We went & took a few pictures there last week & they just represent so many dreams & prayers for this little girl.
  • First solo outing!  Just us girls went to the pediatrician yesterday.  I was so proud that I got us both up & dressed & Avonlea, at least, was fed.  And we even got there early!  She is growing so much already!  She’s up to 6 lbs 15 oz & 19.25 in!  Yesterday was the first day that I feel like we got into our groove just a little bit.  Of course a really good day meant a not-so-great night, where she just wanted to look at me with those big, pretty eyes, & didn’t seem one bit sleepy…but such is newborn life.

Things I want to remember:

  • Her smiles in her sleep.  I can’t wait until that smile is a real reaction & not just a reflex.  Most beautiful little smile I’ve ever seen.
  • Almost always being able to comfort her.  I don’t always know what the problem is, but usually I can hold her & that calms her down.  If only I could always solve her problems this way for the rest of her life.
  • Just the last few days, she’s started brushing her hand up & down my arm sometimes when I hold her.  It’s like she’s trying to say, “I can’t use my words like you tell me to, but I love you, too!”
  • These days are hard & I hardly see my own bed because this little girl mostly likes to be held at night.  But one day she won’t want to be rocked & held & cuddled, so I will do that every night right now if that’s what she needs.
  • The way she will follow you across the room.  Last night Grayson was holding her & would lean all the way left & she would follow him, then lean all the way right & her eyes would follow him back there.  He had to get up & passed her off to me, but she craned her neck to watch him go to the kitchen, & then when she could hear him in the bedroom she kept trying to sit up so she could look for him!
  • She seems so strong!  When she’s laying on your chest, she loves to push up on her elbows & look at you like a little turtle, or switch her head from one side to the other.

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