Friday Favorites | Vol. 10

ready to go! | I had kind of dreaded trying to pack with Avonlea around, but she’s been great.  Just this week she’s turned into a great napper.  She had been in the habit for a few weeks of a few 30-45 minute naps, but didn’t sleep for very long at a time.  This week she’s […]

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Dear California…

Dear California, In our four+ years here, you’ve given us so much.  You wooed us before we moved here – but living here…you’ve won our hearts.  It’s completely worth it to us to move back to Georgia to be close to all of our family & friends, but it will be the most bittersweet of […]

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Avonlea | Three Months

This month feels like it’s been a big one…Avonlea feels like a baby & not a newborn.  She’s so much more alert & aware of everything going on around her (which is really fun until things scare her…like Daddy’s sneezes!).  She just seems to have more & more personality, & is pretty laid-back most of the […]

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First Trip to Yosemite

We made a list of the things we wanted to do one more time before we move.  The list may have been a bit ambitious, but we both agreed that the only thing we’d be devastated about if we didn’t get to do, was Yosemite. We first went in November 2013, just a few months […]

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Avonlea | Two Months

Fastest two months of my life.  This little girl just learns more & gets even cuter every single day.  At her doctor’s appointment today she weighed 11.1 pounds & was 21 inches long!  Can’t believe just how fast she’s growing.  She’s finally passed Grayson’s birth weight, but still catching up on length! Firsts: Avonlea smiled […]

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Friday Favorites | Vol. 9

teaching Avonlea new tricks | So far I’ve taught her to stick out her tongue, & am working on teaching her to kiss.  Grayson has gotten her to mimic noises, & she’ll repeat him saying “ohhh!” bath time | She LOVES her baths, so I do, too.  So fun! being home for good! | Today is […]

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Our Favorite Newborn Items

We got a lot of great gifts & made some really good purchases before Avonlea was born.  Some that I know we will love that we haven’t even used yet since they’ll be for when she’s a little older…but I wanted to share what our favorites are for this stage.  I’ve been keeping a running list […]

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