Georgia Aquarium

This past weekend after church on Sunday, we just randomly decided to go to the aquarium!  Neither of us had been in several years, & we were excited to take Avonlea. (We went to Monterey & to the aquarium there on our little mini-babymoon before she was born!) I’m sure she’ll like the fish more […]

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Avonlea | Eight Months

Our smiley little girl is eight months old!  She makes Donald Duck noises & says “dada” all day long.  She doesn’t quite know what she means by it yet, but as much as Grayson says it to her & she repeats it, she will very soon!  She’s not crawling & seems to see no need…she […]

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Georgia Adventures

Since we moved in October, we were first caught up in unpacking & changing everything over – addresses, licenses, insurance, tags, etc.  Then in November we bought our house & ever since then we’ve pretty much been swimming in house decisions.  Now everything is decided & it’s just a waiting game, so it finally feels […]

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Avonlea | Seven Months

Avonlea is SEVEN months old today!  I Every month I feel like she’s getting further & further away from a tiny baby…she has so much personality that’s all her own.  She has likes & dislikes & habits & all of these things that kids & grown ups have & it’s so exciting & sad all […]

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5 Years

Five years – seems like both a lifetime & the blink of an eye all at the same time.  Those years have contained my greatest adventures, & my deepest heartaches.  Getting to share both with my best friend is the absolute best part of life.  My biggest dreams since I can remember were to be […]

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Avonlea’s First Christmas

Our first Christmas “back home” was just what we wanted.  We got to go to Grayson’s parents’ & mine.  We were gone for about 10 days, making the rounds.  A long time for Avonlea to be out of her routine & away from home, but she did great & bounced right back into a good […]

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Friday Favorites | Vol. 12

Seeds Family Worship | Kids Worship…but not kiddy.  Straight Scripture.  We’ve been listening to this a lot during the day & I love it! Plum Paper planners | Grayson got me this for Christmas (after I may have designed my planner, added to cart, sent him the login & password, & a Black Friday coupon code…) & […]

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