Carter Beach Trip

A couple weeks ago we went down to Destin for a few days with my family.  We are so lucky to have great friends who let us stay at their condo there! Avonlea has seen the beach before when we lived in California (I’m sure she remembers…) & here since Grayson’s dad lives in Jacksonville […]

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Avonlea’s 1st Birthday Party

Avonlea’s 1st birthday party was just what I wanted.  While I’d love to have allll of our people, we both have big families & everyone is rather spread out, so we’ll have to continue the celebration as long as need be with extended family.  But we had just our parents, grandparents, & a few friends, […]

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Avonlea | One Year

This month: Current favorites include peekaboo, dancing (her favorite song is Baby Baby by Amy Grant), rocking her babies, helping with laundry, walking white holding onto anything that will hold her up! She could definitely walk on her own, she just hasn’t realized it yet. We made the switch from formula & bottles to milk & cups, which […]

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Early on, I promised myself that Avonlea would get to do things at her own pace.  I wanted her childhood to be intentionally slow.  I don’t really even know what made me think of this in the newborn days, but for some reason I did.  Now that we’re just weeks away from her first birthday, […]

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Avonlea | Eleven Months

Our Avonlea Gray is eleven months old!  Every day gets more & more fun.  This month she’s really started pulling up easily on everything & taking steps holding onto things.   Her current favorite hobby is to come hold one finger up to Grayson, which means she wants to go “running” with him.  He’ll run […]

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The God Who Sees

This past nearly-a-year of being this girl’s mama has been one of the greatest joys of my life. Her happy smiles when she wakes up, her tight hugs, & slobbery kisses, even all of her babbles of “Dada” & her refusal to say “Mama”…they are the little joys of this season that make every day […]

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Avonlea | Ten Months

Ten months.  Double digits.  How can she be so old?! My blue-eyed girl is speedily crawling (read: swimming on the floor) everywhere & pulling up.  She’s finally getting more teeth!  One top tooth is through & another close behind. Her biggest accomplishment this month was lasting a whole service in the nursery at church!  This […]

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